Beauty's Scheme - 美人心计
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Take place during the early phase of the Han Dynasty, the series centersaround the famous Empress Dou, wife to Emperor Wen (Liu Heng) and mother to Emperor Jing (Liu Qi).

Dou Yi Fang, a songstress from Chang'an, crosses paths with Prince Liu Heng on her wedding night. The prince is trying to escape from the clutches of Empress Dowager Lu who is after his life. To aid him, Yi Fang uses her husband's authority which results in the death of her husband and his family while she is sent to the palace to become a slave. On one occasion, she aids the Empress Dowager by switching Li MeiRen's son to the Empress Dowager's niece, Empress Zhang Yan. Impressed by her capability, the Empress Dowager marries her to Liu Heng so as to make her keep an eye on the prince...