Late Night Restaurant - 심야식당
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This drama is based on the Japanese manga series “しんやしょくどう / Shinya Shokudō” by “あべ やろう / Yarō Abe” which was first published from 2006-October by “しょうがくかん / Shogakukan” in Japanese Seinen Manga Magazine “Big Comic Original”.This manga also adapted into Japanese television drama with same title which already broadcast it’s 1st season on 2009-Oct, 2nd season on 2011-Oct and 3rd season on 2014-Oct through “TBS–MBS“. It’s also adapted into Japanese movie which already aired on 2015-Jan-31.

There is a restaurant that only opens from midnight until 7 a.m. everyday and has no set menu. Instead, the mysterious Master (Kim Seung Woo),who is the proprietor and chef, asks his diners what they want and whips up meals made especially for them. Can the food, and he healing powers of Master, help solve his diners’ problems in unexpected ways?