Show Time Blues - 樂壇插班生
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Teen idols Ha (Mui Siu Wai) and Ping (Chan Mui Hing) fall in love with actor Ning (Ma Tak Chung) at the same time. Their entanglements make headlines everyday. Ha discovers that Ning is just using her, so she leaves him. Ping, on the other hand, meets a better man and retires from her singing career. The two most talented record producers, Choi (Lai Yiu Cheung) and Hung (Kwok Siu Wan, Florence) place a bet: whoever could train a nobody into the most popular singer in town would win. Then they meet Pui (Lam Ka Dong) and Shan (Kong Yan Ying) and turn them into popular idols. Shan’s uncle, Ming (Timothy Zau), persuades the “Three Flies” (Dai Yiu Ming, Lee Ka Keung and Man Ka Wing) to sing in his bar to attract customers. To his surprise, their performances are widely accepted and Shan therefore decides to bring them into the show business…