Legal Mavericks - 踩過界
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Since losing his eyesight in an accident, Man Sun-Hop has been continually harassed and despised. But instead, his determination and perseverance are so reinforced that he has qualified as a barrister. He has also developed an acute sense beyond sight which helps him to gain the status of Blind Legal Knight in the legal profession. However, nobody really knows his true character. Fortunately, Kuk Yat-Ha, his flatmate and private detective, and Chiu Ching-Mui,female legal executive with mob connections, are two buddies he can always rely on. The trio are known as Three Sword Fighters who never submit to power and are always ready to seek justice for the underprivileged. Sun-Hop’s provocative style has aroused the fancy of female judge Wong Lai-Fan, who cannot control her amorous feelings for him. Expanded to a quartet, their fate encounters turbulent changes while handling challenging legal cases. Reappearance of Sun-Hop’s fatherand Tai Tin-Yan, fellow sister from college, further complicates the situation, which Sun-Hop may not be able to unravel with his legal mastery.

本剧主角盲侠儿时因车祸导致失明,令他学懂以心眼及四感看待事物,不带任何偏见与歧视的眼光,成为一名出色的大律师,专为社会上的弱势小众申张公义。 盲侠的法律助理(师爷)癫姐,因外貌及其父亲的江湖背景遭人歧视,她认同盲侠的理念协助其办案,亦以其江湖阅历替盲侠顶着恶势力的威胁;同时盲侠认识了不羁的私家侦探GoGo,骋请其为案件搜证,两男并展开同居蜜友关系;加上Never这个开明豪放的女法官,四人聯手带出一个又一个的法案故事,包括形体女艺术家被控袭击实质自卫、少女被控入屋伤...