Reality Check - 心路GPS
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In preparation for filming a brand-new reality show, senior TV producer HA YAT-CHEUNG (Ruco Chan) is ready to document a Hong Kong teenager CHEUNG TSUN-KIT (Hero Yuen), who goes back to mainland China from the city in pursuit of the realm of returning to nature through his experience of the rural life there.

However, the TV station has a drastic shortage of manpower, so YAT-CHEUNG recruits a rookie HUI MEI-FUNG (Priscilla Wong) as his assistant, and his best friend LEUNG CHUNG-SHUN (Mak Cheung Ching) as the photographer.  During the filming, each of them witnesses the significant change of the hero’s personality when this typical Hong KongKid is confronted with the culture conflicts in the countryside.  In addition, everyone’s blind spot in daily life has also been addressed.  YAT-CHEUNG, who is always subjective and persistent, starts afresh to review the love-hate relationship between him and his foster mother LAU TSUI-WAN (Louise Lee) as well as his biological mother HA SIU-HAN (Chan Sau Chu).  Being diligent and sincere, MEI-FUNG works so hard to recoverher self-esteem and the long-lost paternal love.   Male chauvinist CHUNG-SHUN’s quarrel with his family members over trifles stirs up a great disturbance, resulting in his family being torn to pieces.  Will the GPS Guide for the Soul eventually help them out of their predicament?