Shades Of Truth - 水滸無間道
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900 years ago, Wu Song and Lin Chong were best friends, just like their characters from Water Margin. They were as close as brothers and swore to uphold justice together even in their next lives.
900 years later after they reincarnate to Hong Kong, they meet again as the young patrol officer Dung Chung Cho (Julian Cheung) and top police official TC Lam (Wong Hei). Under the orders of police official KY Wong (Gordon Liu), Dung Chung Cho is sent to the triad controlled by Sung Po (Yuen Wah) as an undercover. In only several months time, Dung Chung Cho successfully gains Sung Po's trust and also wins the heart of Nichole (Gigi Lai), Sung Po's biological daughter.
After a slight injury on the head, Dung Chung Cho gains his past memories as Wu Song 900 years ago and tries to convince TC that he is his long lost brother Lin Chong. Meanwhile, one of Sung Po's men, Kwan Lo (Derek Kwok) begins to suspect Dung Chung Cho as an undercover for the police and is also plotting to overthrow Sung Po's position in the gang. How come the police can never gather enough information to capture the triads for holding illegal businesses and charge them for attempting to murder so many people? It is then when Dung Chung Cho begins to realize that there is also an undercover in the police force working for the triads.

一個是兵,一個是「賊」,他們的生命,卻因為種種原因,於工作以外,不斷交叉相遇。 夏松蔭(張智霖飾)是「賊」,是警方放在社團大哥宋波(元華飾)身邊的臥底探員。林子聰(王喜飾)是兵,誓要將宋波繩之於法。一次意外,松蔭的腦部受到震盪,喚起他前世是武松的記憶,他更深信子聰是轉世林沖。子聰對此只覺松蔭荒謬絕倫,討厭有加。 松蔭追求單純的愛,子聰則喜於情色的世界中放縱,二人卻偏偏對愛情又愛又怕的萬鳳蓮(黎姿飾),以及對愛情執著的康至善(楊怡飾)在愛情遊戲中追追逐逐。 松蔭與子聰交手越多,就越肯定子聰就是林沖。松蔭更加決不罷休,誓要令子聰回復前世記憶,希望兄弟再度聯手。