Attorney Song and Ji - 南北大狀
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In the chaotic late Qing times, two major attorneys in China are famous for their intelligence and will of justice. They help the public against the unjust treatment of the officials. Collectively they are called "Northern and Southern Great Attorneys".
Northern Great Attorney Ji Xueli (by Li Baotian) is the descendant of the famous official Ji Xiaolan. He succeeds in one case defeating the 7 other attorneys, but this case also indirectly leads to the death of theman seeking for his help. After this case, he shuts himself away in hishouse. He turns down all the requests for his representation in court.
Southern Great Attorney Song Shijie (by Jordan Chan) is from humble origins. He hates the injustice in the regional government office and hesees himself as the defender of justice. However he has a critical weakness - women and unfortunately he meets too many captivating women one after one in his life!
At first they are only famous in their own regions. However, one complicated case brought them together as the conflicting parties, how will they use their intelligence to solve the case?