Old Days in Shanghai (Cantonese) - 像火花像蝴蝶
Zhao Yong Fang,a woman who has witnessed the drastic change of her family, headed to Shanghai for revenge. In Shanghai, she met the head of the gangsters--Duan Shao Rong. Duan Shao Rong has grown tired after many years of battling in the gangster society. He has a desire to return to acommon and peaceful life. But the continuous battles in the gangster society prevents him from stepping down. He has no choice but to continue fighting. Inspired and helped by the Community Party, he decided to fight the war. The Tang brothers have two very different personalities. They use the two women around Duan Shao Rong to influencehim. The two women are Zhao Yong Fang and Duan Ning. Slowly leading Duan Shao Rong to a commoner's path.